Online Support Program for Family & Friends of Addicts

Support Program for People Affected by Someone's Addiction

taught by Jim LaPierre
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Jim LaPierre
Jim LaPierre
Addiction Therapist, LCSW, CCS

About the instructor

Hi! I'm Jim LaPierre - a dual diagnosis clinician with a combined 30+ years of experiences in supporting recovery from addiction, trauma, crisis, and a plethora of bad things that happen to good people:

I’m a straight shooter. My approach is to be completely real and to get down to what most needs to change.

Visit our help center, contact me at or call our helpline 855-808-5200.

About the 28-Day Support Program for "Affected Others"

First and foremost, our hearts go out to you. The founders of SoberNow and all of our coaches have experienced the stress, fear, and even heartbreak of a loved one’s addiction. We have also known the joy of supporting loved ones in overcoming addiction. What you’re going through is beyond exhausting. It’s emotionally draining and you deserve to have support and guidance moving forward.

We have created a 28 day program for family and friends of those in active addiction. This program, along with the availability of live coach sessions will address a multitude of pragmatic needs:

  • How to ensure you’re not enabling
  • How to do “tough love” in healthy and effective ways.
  • Understanding why “hitting bottom” is vital.
  • How to be present and available to the rest of your family. (Going through it together not alone).
  • Moving your focus from what you cannot control to what you can do.

Our coaches are available for single consultation or ongoing support. We work entirely from your agenda. Our coaches share from personal experience. Our bios speak to our expertise and more importantly, what we’ve lived to tell the tales of.

You can select a coach who:

  • Has lived in active addiction but today is in long-term recovery.
  • Has been served and/or now works professionally in the field of addiction recovery and can explain how those systems operate. (Different options and what to expect from them)
  • Has experience supporting families through the highs and lows of both addiction and early recovery.
  • Identifies as:
    • Overcoming the legacies of codependent and abusive families
    • Overcoming depression, anxiety, and both self-limiting & self-abusive behavior
    • Adult Children of Alcoholics/People with a Substance Use Disorder (ACOA)
    • As parents in recovery
    • Having experienced physical, mental and emotional restoration and spiritual growth

Our pledge to you is candor. We will be patient and supportive but we will not mince words nor waste your time.

If you would like to connect with folks in a similar situation, we invite you to join our Facebook group.

Course Contents

28 Multimedia
113 PDFs
14.0 hrs

Course Curriculum