28-Day Online Recovery Program

Created by Jim LaPierre
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Jim LaPierre
Jim LaPierre
Addiction Therapist, LCSW, CCS

About the instructor

Hi! I'm Jim LaPierre - a dual diagnosis clinician with a combined 30+ years of experiences in supporting recovery from addiction, trauma, crisis, and a plethora of bad things that happen to good people:

I’m a straight shooter. My approach is to be completely real and to get down to what most needs to change.

About the 28-Day Intensive Online Recovery Program

We believe the best service we can provide to someone seeking recovery is to point out in no uncertain terms when they’re kidding themselves. Rationalization, minimization, and justification are the hallmarks of addiction. Generally, the more intelligent and accomplished a person is, the more they excel in bullshitting themselves.

We believe that fear and shame are the greatest personal barriers to recovery. It's a big part of why we don’t judge; shaming an addict or alcoholic is redundant at best. We all have scars. Some show. Most don’t. Fear keeps us trapped holistically because we’re locked in the mindset that created the problems.

Change how you deal with fear and you’ll transform your life. Deal breaker: all of us need help getting out of the hell our lives became. Face it – if you could have gotten yourself out of this you’d have done it by now. There’s no shame in needing help. Anyone who understands addiction knows this:

The only time you look down on an addict is when you’re helping to pick your brother or sister up.

Visit our helpdesk, contact Jim at [email protected] or call our helpline 855-808-5200 now.

Course Contents

28 Videos
28 Multimedia
28 Texts
112 PDFs
27 Disqus
28.0 hrs

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